Corporate education that goes beyond training

With an advanced corporate learning concept, Univipal is a reference in disseminating knowledge about the tire retreading, maintenance and management market. It combines technical, commercial and management training, based on three pillars: quality of products and services, ability to generate business and competent management. The various learning channels include classroom training sessions at the CTV (Vicencio Paludo Technical Center), at partner institutes and at retreaders in the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, in addition to offering the possibility of studying via the Education at a Distance (EAD) platform, according to the needs of each professional.

At CTV, one of Univipal’s resources, training sessions are conducted, as well as product testing under real usage conditions, and deployment of new working processes, promoting knowledge among retreaders and technically preparing its own employees. It is a retreader school, aiming to prepare manpower specialized in tire retreading. The company thus develops and disseminates the best production and management practices and ensures the high quality service provided to the end customer.

The CTV training program is primarily focused on the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, but it also offers training geared toward customers in the shipping industry. The schedule, which is planned annually, brings hundreds of professionals from all over the world to the Technical Center, including retreaders, managers, supervisors and sales people.