KM Benefits (KM de Vantagens)

The Vipal Authorized Dealer Network's partnership with people who are constantly on the road is not just restricted to excellent services. Participants in the KM Benefits program receive a BRL 50.00 discount on tire retreading for every 150 km they accumulate (valid for individual taxpayers). Visit here for more information.


The BNDES Card offers exclusive advantages such as pre-approved revolving credit, automatic financing in up to 48 months, fixed and equal installments, and a favorable interest rate. Retreaders that are part of the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network can choose between two options to take advantage of these benefits. One of these options is to offer this financing to their fleet owner customers for tire retreading, driving their sales. The second option is for the retreader to take the opportunity and finance its own purchases from certain Vipal product lines (precured treads and camelbacks).

How to get the BNDES Card:
The BNDES Card can be obtained by micro-, small and mid-sized companies based in Brazil, which engage in economic activity compatible with BNDES operational and credit policies, and which are in good standing with INSS, FGTS, RAIS and federal taxes.

Apply for a BNDES Card on the portal

Treads for every application

This exclusive line of Vipal precured treads is projected to ensure the best performance in any situation. ECO treads, which are produced using a unique rubber, are part of a concept that unites technology, quality and affordability.


The Transporter Orientation Program (PROTRANS) offers a series of exclusive services. Through training sessions, visits and implementation of software management, our consultants provide support and teach practices that focus on continuously achieving better results.

Master System

The Master System is a cluster of software and equipment which automates one of the key steps in the tire retreading process: autoclave or chamber curing. The system is used exclusively by the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, and it is a prerequisite for the retreader to offer the RQG - Guaranteed and Qualified Retreading, the most comprehensive warranty program for tire retreading in the market.

The Master System is a great asset in that it enables the retreader to precisely manage the three main retreading variables in the curing chamber: time, temperature and pressure. Each stage is activated at the right time according to specified parameters. The program also prints reports and stores the tire´s service life record.

Quality standards and reliability have been pushed to new heights by implementing the Master System, exclusively offered by Vipal and its Authorized Dealer Network.


We drive roads all over the world and we have learned a great lesson: along this journey, the companions you choose to travel at your side are as important as faith and courage. That is why the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network offers the RQG - Qualified and Guaranteed Retread, the most comprehensive warranty program for tire retreading in the market.

Based on a thorough technical evaluation and according to certain criteria, the tire’s value is reimbursed immediately if any defect is identified in the products or processes employed in retreading. The warranty can be applied to 15 brands of bias-ply and radial tires, retreaded using the cold cure or hot cure process. And the service can be performed by any authorized Vipal retreader in Brazil or abroad, by just presenting the warranty certificate.

We experience daily life on the road, and we understand that a retreaded tire is as important as a new one. That’s why our goal is to prolong the tire’s service life, and we promise to stand by your side come what may.

See what the necessary requirements are to have the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network‘s RQG program here [LINK DOWNLOAD FOLHETO RQG]


Univipal combines technical, commercial and management training, via various learning channels that include classroom training sessions at the CTV, at partner institutes and at retreaders in the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, in addition to offering the possibility of studying via the Education at a Distance (EAD) platform.

Authorized Dealer Network

Specialized services and cutting edge technology make Vipal a national leader and global reference. There are around 220 retreaders in Brazil and Latin America, with trained professionals, equipment, facilities and exclusive services that ensure high performance and better savings.